Candy Girls

Short Description

Candy Girls aka Visual candy is a worldwide modeling group with over 360 models worldwide, reaching a half a million people each day.

About Candy Girls

Visual Candy Models is a group of women Models who believe in the same common interest's, which is working with women's issues amongst other issues. All our work & earnings will go towards the donation cause of the Month!!.

We attack issues such as domestic violence children's illness, Cancer Research and breast Cancer awareness. Our goal is to make a difference by making you aware, Entertaining you and helping you get involved.

Our Models are real down to Earth Talented beautiful girls looking to be discovered, with all the stereotyping of the modeling industry and agencies i decided to give models an alternative where they can shine. I have Photographed Models from all over the world the past 30 years and one thing stands true. They are all human beings with feelings no matter the height, weight or look, and now they finally have a voice where they can help make a difference in the world and also get discovered while having fun doing it.

About Talent Casting

Industry, CONNECTING, NETWORK: From Models, Actors, Promoters, Casting Directors, Artists, Magazines, DJ'S, Makeup Artists, Photographers. UNDER ONE ROOF!

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